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There have been periods of five years where I haven't had a losing trade.

Steve Patterson

I've been programming for almost a decade in a variety of languages. I decided to try one of Robert's indicators (Gartley and Bat patterns) instead of reinventing the wheel, and to say the least, Robert is brilliant. Indicator works well, and though I haven't traded much since purchasing it, the back tests are surprisingly accurate.

Well worth the money.


Robert is one of the best Thinkscript programmers that I have worked with! Without hesitation I can say that Robert is extremely professional, very knowledgeable and fast!!

Highly recommended!!!



Thanks for the best range indicator. All the indicators I have gotten from you have been on point. They have been an big plus in helping me make trading decisions.

Garfield W.

The Basic Market Structure and Automatic Fib Levels indicator is the bread and butter when it comes to putting together a standardized chart to trade against. This indicator really gives you that big picture view of the underlying stock.


The Sorcerer's Resistance is a great indicator, saving time for the seasoned chartist and highlighting S/R areas on all time frames for the less experienced.

The best feature for me is it works really well on an iPad. ToS mobile has no drawing capability but now S/R lines are automatically plotted, meaning I can research and prepare much more effectively from anywhere.

Harvey Tyler

I first purchased the Better Range Finder indicator from you last year. Since then I've purchased the Earnings Research and Auto Trendlines studies. I wanted to let you know that these studies have helped me tremendously and are staples of my routine on all my charts.

I've been trading for about 4 years now and what I've learned in that time is that although there is no holy grail indicator, there are tools you can use to better see the trade or setup. Your custom scripts allow me to see the setups I'm looking for just that much clearer and faster.

I'm really grateful I found your site in 2014 because it's such a valuable resource for anyone serious about trading. Thanks for all the help you provided me and so many other wannabe thinkscripters.

Exgamer aka Marcus

For the last few months I have been using several studies from "Fun with Thinkscript"—basic market structure, rsi divergences, macd divergences also the scan , awesome ! and the RP_Harmonics.

The studies are incredibly precise and very easy to set up and use.

I am not a sophisticated trader but "Fun with Thinkscript" has helped me to became a better trader, no doubt about it and Robert has always been available when I needed some help on any issue.

I truly recommend his work !

Lucas Lorenzi

Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to comment on your Better Range Finder script. I must say that your thinkscript programming chops are phenomenal and, better yet, the application of those skills have been very beneficial to my trading. The Better Range Finder script has been excellent for helping me to evaluate intraday trade entries and exits. People say you can’t predict the market, but it is scary how often this indicator is “right” when evaluating a good exit point.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to trying out some of your future magic.



I much appreciate your skills and willingness to code my personal projects. I'm trying to make it as a trader and your scripts are helping me.


The combination of the two indicators; The Sniper Trend & Automatic Trendlines have significantly improved my accuracy day-trading low float penny stocks. It's great to finally know exactly where the supports and resistances are and where a stock is most likely to squeeze.

Ben C.


Your indicators are no less than excellent. I have bought the wolf wave and regression channel indicators and both are very impressive.

I have made a few thousand dollars in a couple of days.

Previously i used to be scared of trading with the traditional indicators since they are all lagging indicators. But your indicators esp the regressiona channel indicator gives future trend and your position in the current trend. Next, i would like to buy your harmonic indicators and daily price range..I will be in touch with you very soon. Take care.


Robert Payne’s Fun with Thinkscript indicators have helped greatly with my daily trading. The indicators, AutoTrendlines and polynomial channels in particular, help me stay on the right side of a trade longer and cut my losses shorter.

David Downs

Hi Robert,

Your indicators for TOS are one of the finest code I have came across. Being a developer myself, I really appreciate your work. Especially indicators like Harmonic patterns and Wolfe waves that seemed impossible to code with thinkscript before I came across your indicators. And more importantly, they work with TOS mobile as well.

Looking forward to see more indicators from you in future.


I purchased your Market Structure/Auto Fib Levels script. Awesome stuff! It saves me a bunch of time finding the swing levels and plotting my fibs (as I usually manually did this). Beautiful!

Brian Z

I put the Better Range Finder on a chart and I can see immediately how it is going to help my premium collection trades I do on the NADEX exchange. So, thank you very much for that one. Good luck with the website and building your business.


Regarding the Harmonic Patterns package:

I love using this package of pattern indicators with the basic market structure indicator. Both sets of indicators have reduced the time I spend on analysis. Having the harmonic patterns automatically drawn is incredibly helpful in identifying price action movement. And having the basic market structure indicator draw the major and minor swings helps in respecting the larger time frame momentum. Spotting the confluences of fibonacci retracements, with a harmonic pattern and with fibonacci timing has given me an ability to more clearly predict potential areas of reversals or consolidations.

I have attached a screenshot of my workspace. The symbol is AMD. You can see how AMD's recent price action has honored fib levels and the harmonic patterns. Very useful.

Jose R.

Robert, WOW !! You have done it again !! Great job on MACD Divergence. Thanks.

Gary Elson

Latest version of Basic Market Structure is excellent–many thanks Robert! Well worth it!


My experience using Fun with ThinkScript has been outstanding. The tools you have provided have saved me tons of time in doing earnings research and seasonal stock movement research. This is helped me greatly in understanding stock movement tendencies. I'm also very happy with your responsiveness and willingness to help others. Thanks Robert!


Very pleased with the above script [Mechanical MACD Divergence], looks great for my type of trading. I have been using it on the TOS platform on my P.C. and on the TOS mobile platform for my iPad. Once again thank your for a great script, I to, know of no one else who has this script so it is a huge achievement.


I have found several of Robert’s scripts to be helpful in my trading; the latest addition being the Harmonic Patterns (I purchased the bundle). I have found patterns useful in the construct and management of many different trading strategies (and, I suggest, patterns can support virtually all types of strategies). The script is a very beneficial tool in the identification of harmonic patterns.



I would like to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful Think or Swim indicators. I have been purchasing many of your indicators over the last several years. Each one has met my expectations and best of all, they work as advertised.

The second item that I would congratulate you on is the excellent Customer Service. Whether it is a question related to the function of the indicator or help installing or any other support question, you have always responded immediately. That is a huge help to those of us with less programming skills.

You are more than welcome to share my comments to your other potential clients.

Warm Regards and Please keep up the Great Work!

Thomas Leighty

Thomas Leighty

Robert I want to commend you for your service and the Wolf Wave Indicator. Your care and service was outstanding. I emailed you with several questions about the indicator. I also had some issues on installing it. And you were very gracious answering me and helping me all the while you were on vacation. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER RELATIONS! Thanks Greg

Gregory S.

These custom scripts have streamlined my scans a great deal making it easier to target potential plays. This saves time and lets me focus on better set-ups.

The Geek

I have been using Robert's Wolfe Wave indicator and it has done wonders in my chart setups that have led me to profitable trades and has helped me manage my risk with tighter controls. I usually trade the SPY and this indicator works really well on multiple time frames.


I spent a few k on basic tech analysis course, then a few more k to go to Utah for a 4d class to learn swing trading tech analysis. Excellent instructor and rules, and I could replicate some results when I got in my own (mind you I was still learning) so I knew it worked. but when QE stopped and things got choppy I didn't have enough experience and struggled a lot. Got to where I doubted what I saw on the chart and doubted myself. when I saw your p2 pivots based on script "rules" [Basic Market Structure and Automatic Fibonacci Levels] I knew right away that's what I needed for my personal struggles. sure enough I've seen it 2-3x now (currently too) on the big trend when everyone said the sky was falling, but p2s said it's currently just a pullback. sure enough it would rebound. this current trend may be different, but so far holding ur previous p3 fib support on spy has helped me watch and establish the important support line.

I wanted to write more about how the AMFC near term divergence lines and MACD divergence lines have also alerted me many times when I would have overlooked them. The AutoTrendLines are awesome and quick as I switch between symbols. Or how your SP100 stocks above 100dma has helped me see weakness or strength in the breadth before the index changes trend.

Your scripts have helped many of us simplify our daily process and provide quicker more accurate signals. Nothing I could say that no one else already had, so I decided to share the personal one how they helped me w my confidence that I desperately was missing. That in itself was the biggest impact in my trading. All the rest ur scripts is just awesome and time saving!

Thank you for sharing your skills to impact so many people. Have a good one.

Mike E.

really enjoying your macd divergence indicator! in times past there has been times i got frustrated expecting a divergence and it not yet play out (ie march ’16). but using yours based off Elder’s definition of breaking the zero line really has made a difference for me when trying to base my posture expectations.

money well spent for my type of trading!

thanks again for your excellent indicators.


Purchased both Wolfe and Gartley. Very nice implementation. Like the purchase!!!


We all know the old saying, The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating; well, Robert's codes are the pudding and my use of them to make more trading $$ is the eating.

Anyone examining the Fun With ThinkScript site will be struck by Robert's versatility -- there is something here for every trader, no matter his/her preferred technical tools. And, let me add, Robert's crisp charts make interpretation and use of the codes quite straightforward and spares one the horrors of having to re-visit college statistics, algebra, etc.


Fun with ThinkScript provides quality indicators like no other. Robert’s ability to write code for indicators that I never thought possible on the ThinkorSwim platform is nothing short of amazing. I have found Robert to be knowledgeable and responsive to all my questions.

Basic Market Structure, Automatic Trend Lines and Better Range Finder have been extremely helpful in my trading. I would absolutely recommend Fun with ThinkScript to anyone looking for ThinkorSwim indicators.


I wanted to thank you for your excellent coding of the Polynomial Regression Channel. This is a SUPERIOR INDICATOR for support, resistance and projection. It's boundary lines show how far up or down the price will go, and when a trend reversal is pending.

It's the best indicator on ANY platform if it's coded correctly, and you coded this one correctly.

You have my sincere gratitude and appreciation, Robert.

The Farlander

I love the Wolfe Wave indicator. On /NQ I back tested the indicator for 20 days and saw a success rate of 24 good trades with only 3 bad trades.

This indicator is worth every penny, thank you very much.


Another great indicator released by Robert. I just purchased the Automatic Trend Channels. It's badass.

If you love the automatic trend lines like I do your gonna love this one as well. I tested it across my major trading time frames. 15 min, 1 hour, day and week. I also tested it across a wide price range of securities. cheap stocks to expensive stocks. It will not read perfect on every chart on every time frame, what indicator does?, but it will read a high percentage of them on these time frames and see patterns you otherwise would not have seen. I know there are times when we purchase studies/indicators and we are let down because they sometimes don't do what we hoped they would do. Or they don't really fit our trading style, or maybe they just don't work.

Like I said, Auto Channels wont read every chart perfectly but it will read enough of them for you to make your money back on this one quickly. I would use it in conjunction with the Auto Trend lines if you already have that one. I review my securities every weekend in the flexible grid format. 15 min, 1 hour, day, and week all side by side. this study will now make it easier for us to catch higher probability trades quickly. It will see what you might not have seen.

Great job on this one Robert.



Thank you for the warm welcome! Your gartley indicator is AMAZING! it identified a gartley bull from a few days ago on a position I am currently in... If I had your indicator then, I definitely would have capitalized on that.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer all my questions on plotting a line between two points, that helped me create some basic indicators to play with in the future. I was able to purchase one of your indicators so I chose the gartley, and I must say, your coding and approach to such a complex problem is very elegant and down right impressive!

Thank you Sir for providing your solutions, I cant wait to play the next wave flagged by your Gartley indicator!



I recently purchased the Polynomial Regression Channel and Sniper Trend studies and applied them to 5 minute charts for day trading purposes. In the first week, I have had great success using these studies.

The Polynomial Regression Channel shows me trend intraday along with oversold/overbought areas useful for reversal trades.

The Sniper Trend is very useful for short term trend following. Often the Sniper Trend will for a pennant from which breakout/breakdown is a good scalp trade.

I am really finding both studies useful and profitable.

Brian W.

I just wanted you to know how THRILLED I am with the Polynomial Channel! The channel as you've designed it is highly predictive. I can't thank you enough for coding this, Robert! It's the most valuable indicator yet!


I've been using several of your Think or Swim custom indicators for several months. Each was easy to install and worked perfectly right out of box. Your mutli-time frame Squeeze and Motley Trend indicators allow me to see higher time frames on my 5 minute charts and keep me on the right side of the market using only one chart to see what I need to see.

I decided to try the Wolf Wave indicator just for fun to test Wolf theory out. The indicator is spot on and has helped me grab some pretty good moves.

On top of all that, your customer service and quick response to my questions has been wonderful. I'm glad to have found your site and look forward to your occasional emails announcing your latest creations. Thanks so much.


'really enjoying the wolfe wave script. using it with the macd divergence & basic market structure. It helps bring clarity to the price action. I think it is a great indicator and helps show the pattern quite well.


If you are thinking 'that is not possible in TOS' leave it to Robert to show you that it can be done.


Your scripts [Basic Market Structure] have really simplified my life. Thanks for helping me lessen my workload.


Robert, as you know, I’m a quant trader for over 12 years, writing hundreds of HFT algorithms myself. What I’ve enjoyed about using your algorithms--and I don’t want to pick any particular one because you’ve written so many good ones--is your uncanny ability in ThinkScript to parse some factors out while keeping others in. I should’ve sent you this note of thanks long ago. Better late than never, eh?

Sure helped my trading. Thanks again.

Dennis Hudson

I just purchased the Wolfe Wave for think or swim and it is amazing. It does exactly what it is suppose to do. My first trade paid for it.


I give my highest praise to Robert and his lineup of scripts that are a direct reflection of his coding skills... He only sells the best that work as he describes them. You will not be getting the typical low grade scripts that litter the internet.

In my personal opinion get the best trading tools you can obtain to help you achieve success—you need to protect your account with the best.

Thank you Robert for sharing your indicators and your gift with others.

Christopher M.

Hey Robert,

Just wanted to give you a headsup/update.

I used the Auto-trendlines as well as Auto-Support/resistance today with my mobile. It definitely work like a charm.

I should say, I think the indicators I bought from you is a BIG VALUE ADD to my decision making!! I avoided a few trades due to potential resistance areas which I wouldn't have seen earlier.

Nirmal Chandrasekaran

This indicator has worked much better than others I have bought to identify MACD divergences. Nice Work

George Z.

Just wanted to let you know your Wolfe Wave indicator just about paid for itself yesterday in just its first day of use. One trade. $425 of capital used. $125 winner.

Excellent work Robert!


I recently purchased the wolfe wave and it works perfect! Thank you Robert!


I would like to thank Fun with Think Script. I was looking for a point and figure chart and so far its been great. I had a few questions and Robert gave me a quick detailed response. Thanks

Jeffrey A. Benet

Hi Robert. I've had success trading your harmonic patterns so far. So far 2-2 for 100 pips. Thanks!

Richard O.