Steve Patterson

There have been periods of five years
where I haven't had a losing year.

Steve Patterson is a professional floor trader with nearly 40 years of market experience. Steve has never had a conventional job. He has always earned his living by not just trading the market, but by crushing it. Through his years of experience, Steve has developed an uncanny ability to “know” how a stock will move based on order flow. In fact, Steve is so confident that he posts his trades live–before he enters them–in his free chat room on StockTwits.

Steve is passionate about passing on his hard-earned knowledge through one-on-one and group training sessions so that others may benefit from his experience. His students have a 78% success rate in learning to trade, and more importantly, profit from, the market. Steve is a man with integrity and will not sugar-coat or over-promise anything. He will be the first to tell you that you will have losing trades, but if you are willing to put in the work and follow his system exactly the way he teaches it, you will be successful.

Learning to trade the stock market is 10% know-how and 90% mindset. Steve will help you develop the proper mindset to consistently be successful in the market as well.

If you would like to know more about Steve’s background, listen to his recent Trading Nut interview.

Steve contacted me recently and requested that I develop a suite of proprietary indicators for him that would allow his students to more easily identify the trade setups that he teaches. What excites me most, though, is that when you purchase this suite of indicators, you will also receive a two hour training video from Steve Patterson that teaches you the proper way to use them.

Steve normally charges $1,000 for the training without any indicators. Through our partnership, he has generously offered to include a two hour training video and the suite of Patterson indicators at the discounted price of $299.

Steve hosted a live training session on 16 October 2019. You will be able to download and watch the two and a half hour video after making your purchase.

This was posted to the private Skype thread the day after Steve’s training session.

The indicator suite is mobile compatible. See details below.

For more information about the indicator suite, watch Steve’s introductory video.

The indicators are compatible with Thinkorswim mobile

The indicators do work on Thinkorswim mobile, but they won’t be as pretty since the mobile platform doesn’t support all the same features as the desktop version. Specifically, mobile does not support filling a region with color. So, while the desktop version shades the oscillator in either blue or red when it is showing compression or over-extension, the mobile version will not. The oscillator itself functions properly and will show the very same compression / extension levels, it just won’t be as eye-catching.

The mobile version does not support changing the colors of the candles when certain criteria have been met. So, the desktop version changes the candle color to yellow when the oscillator is in the over-extended region. This just makes it easy to spot on the charts. Again, the mobile version’s oscillator does show the same over-extended levels, but since the candles won’t be highlighted in yellow, you will just have to pay more attention to the oscillator itself.

The compression zones are highlighted in blue on the desktop version. Again, since the mobile version does not support filling a region with color, those areas are not shaded on the mobile version. As you can see in the first screenshot below, though, the compression areas ARE shown on the charts as two parallel blue lines.

Finally, the mobile version does not support changing the colors of the relative volume histogram either.

So, in summary, the mobile version DOES present all of the same information as the desktop version. It is fully usable. It’s just not as pretty.

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