Better Range Finder

This ThinkorSwim indicator is a better range finder that has the goal of setting reasonable expectations for intra-day price movement.


The Sniper Trend

The Sniper Trend indicator for ThinkorSwim automatically draws the most current trend line and will work on any instrument or time-frame.


Multi-Deviation Channel Indicator

Multi-Deviation Channel Indictor “Super-charge your intraday trading.” This indicator was developed in cooperation with Ronbo’s Charts. Visit his YouTube channel for trading tips on how to super-charge your trading with …


Scan for Wolfe Wave

I am extremely pleased to announce that you are now able to quickly and easily search for potential Wolfe Wave trades on any time-frame that is supported by the scan tool. The scan tool will even allow you to setup email or phone alerts.



RSI BAMM The perfect companion to the harmonic pattern collection. I have received numerous requests for a method of confirming harmonic pattern completion. In response, I have been working closely …



I recently watched a video by Scott Landers which described a method by which he uses volume to determine significant areas of support / resistance on intra-day charts. His method …