Cumulative Delta Volume

Cumulative Delta Volume

Know who is in control of the market.

Traders who use intraday charts know that volume is an important leading indicator of price action. However, the standard volume indicator is non-directional and the volume bars can be challenging to evaluate.

Could this increase in volume be the precursor to a price reversal?

Cumulative Delta Volume allows a higher level of understanding of the auction process by displaying what buyers and sellers are doing at a particular moment. It allows you to see the volume displayed just like a candlestick price chart.

Cumulative Delta Volume is easy to interpret and shows at a glance that—in this example—the sellers are still in control of the market.

Cumulative Delta Volume can either be centered around zero, or it can be set to continue from the previous volume close.

To learn more about using Cumulative Delta Volume, I recommend reading the articles and/or watching videos by Gail Mercer.