Take advantage of this bundle deal and save 50%! It features some of my top-selling indicators, including MACD divergence, Autowave, Automatic Fibonacci levels, and Enhanced DE. These indicators would normally cost $1000 if purchased separately.

Market Skills basic workspace–3 Day, Daily, and 233 charts.

The workspace is pre-configured with the appropriate indicators and moving average lines and includes some unique enhancements as shown below.

The Enhanced DM Indicator automatically plots the optimal purple trigger line, as well as the orange “noise” lines and the upper purple line, saving you valuable time and effort. With the Enhanced DM Indicator, you can streamline your chart setup and focus on what really matters: maximizing your grind. This is a game-changing addition that can save you a lot of time and effort, especially when considering the large number of symbols and time frames available.

The screenshot demonstrates that my indicator’s lines (generated automatically) are similar to Gary’s hand-drawn lines (shown in the bottom, green chart). Subjectivity affects line placement, so I consider the indicator’s results to be acceptable, especially considering the time saved (4 lines/chart * 12 time frames * 330 symbols).

Enhanced DM Indicator comparison screenshot
Screenshot comparing the Enhanced DM indicator to Gary’s hand drawn lines.

The Enhanced DM indicator is also available for AlchemCharts at this link.

Important note:
The indicators in this bundle can be mixed and matched to suit your personal trading style. This specific setup was created for traders who have taken the Market Skills course from Gary Williams. If you would like more information about this 15-hour trading course, contact Brandi at Elevated Ventures .